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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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The web didn't change; you did
"If you didn’t gather off the bat from the title, the problem with developing front-end projects isn’t that it’s harder or more complicated, it’s that you made it harder and more complicated."
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A researcher managed to hack systems of over 35 major tech companies including Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Shopify, Netflix, Tesla, Yelp, Tesla, and Uber in a novel software supply chain attack. For his ethical hacking research efforts, the researcher has been awarded over $130,000 in bug bounties.
Libs, Tools & References
In this post, you can go through JavaScript frameworks and libraries that can be used to visualize your data.
A collection of minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components.
How the power-user web browser Vivaldi has managed to maintain a flexible design philosophy in an era when so much is decided for you online.
The average web page takes seven seconds to load on a desktop device and 20 seconds on mobile...
This comprehensive guide shows how to use CSS transitions! A back-to-basics looks at the fundamental building blocks we need to create micro-interactions and other animations.
This article helps Web developers pick the right hardware API based on a given device. 
"Removing media support from HTML video was a mistake. It means that for every video we embed in HTML, we’re stuck with the choice of serving source files that are potentially too large or small for many users’ devices (resulting in poor performance, wasteful data consumption, and even sub-optimal quality on larger screens), or resorting to more complicated server-side or scripted or third-party solutions to deliver a correct size."
For beginners
Learn how to finally solve the mystery of centering in CSS using grid, flexbox, and classic block element layout.
Hello from the server-side
Use AWS Lambda w/ FFmpeg to generate thumbnails automatically when a video is uploaded to a particular S3 bucket.
Genius use of the clip-path CSS property 😮😮😮