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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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I Tried Angular as a React Developer. Here Are 6 Things I Like About It
Angular was the first framework I ever tried out. I moved away from it quickly. Instead, I had my personal breakthrough with React.js.
Of course, I might be biased. And I admit that my memories of Angular were a little bit traumatic.
Yet, it’s not Angular’s fault. I had nearly no idea of JavaScript back then. Now I know more. Much more. It was time to challenge my past and to give Angular another try — as a React guy.
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Mozilla has launched an experiment where they change the Firefox browser user agent to a three-digit "Firefox/100.0" version to see if it will break websites.
Unless new evidence comes to bear that refutes the basic tenets of the analysis, Rails 7.0 will aim to give you a default setup based on import maps, and leave the Webpacker approach as an optional alternative.
Libs, Tools & References
A super awesome collection of hooks for your React apps.

Let's say, you want to share some page specific data from your website to some social media platforms and maybe messengers.
The Web Share API give web developers the power to use the native share mechanisms, that we all know from native applications (e.g. if you click the share button in Safari on the bottom center).
Bring your brand color to built-in HTML form inputs with one line of code.
Review the four best supported CSS math functions, and see how they can be used in both practical and unexpected ways, such as within gradients and color functions and in combination with CSS custom properties.
In February 2020, Eyas migrated his blog from WordPress to Gatsby. About a year after the migration, he was increasingly running into problems with Gatsby...
"I discovered something absurd recently and I’m very excited to tell you about it. The end result is absurd-sql, and it’s a persistent backend for SQLite on the web."
"I think if I had to choose a framework for future projects, it would definitely depend on the project, but I can see myself using all of them again"