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"Easy is boring. That's why I love the web and browsers." - Remy Sharp

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I Tried Vue.js as a React Developer. Here Are 5 Things I Like About It
Integration, learning curve, bundle size, and more...

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The shared element transition API allows page transitions within single-page apps, and is available as an origin trial now! Navigation transitions between pages and sites are coming later.
It's not always obvious how to decompose a React component. This article explains a guideline you can use to validate a decomposition.
"I’ve seen this confuse more than a handful of people recently, including myself, so I’m making sure it’s written down.
Sometimes there are actual bugs with CSS custom properties. This isn’t one of them. Even though it sort of feels like a bug to me, apparently it’s not. Just one of those things you gotta know about."
"This is a bit of advice for developers on Macs I’ve heard quite a few times, and I’ll echo it: go into System Preferences > General > Show scroll bars and set to always. This isn’t about you, it’s about the web."
As devices continue to diversify in dizzying ways, how can we make sure our work on the web stays as relevant as ever for the long haul?
There’s something beautiful about the website caniuse.com which I never fully appreciated until last week when news spread that alert, prompt, and confirm are in danger of being deprecated from the web platform.
For beginners
Generally, custom hook is a great pattern in order to handle modularity and composition in your app. you can write a custom hook for almost everything!
Hello from the server-side
Looking at the last several months of job postings on RailsGigs, one can argue that React is now a de facto part of the Ruby on Rails stack.